Saturday, 13 March 2010

Headless Remains Were Probably Executed Vikings

Archaeologists have announced that they believe that the remains of 50 young men that had been beheaded were probably those of executed Vikings. The remains were discovered last year in Weymouth and analysis of teeth samples from ten of the bodies has shown that the men were of Scandinavian origin.

The remains in the burial pit date back to between 910 AD and 1030 AD, when the Vikings were making regular raids on the British coastline.  It appears that the young Viking men were executed at one spot, probably in front of an audience, by the local Anglo Saxons.  The decapitated skulls were then placed into one part of the burial pit and the rest of the body flung into another part of the hole.

Read on for the whole of the article on the burial pit of the headless Vikings

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