Wednesday, 13 April 2011

T. Rex Has a New Relative!

If, like me, you have to huddle under a blanket when the T. Rex is rampaging during Jurassic Park, you may be horrified to learn that scientists have just identified a new species of tyrannosaur may have been even bigger! This new, mighty theropod dinosaur has been named Zuchengtyrannus magnus, which means 'Tyrant of Zucheng' and so far a fossil skull and jaw bones have been excavated in China.

Scientists have estimated that this new member of the tyrannosaur family stood around four metres tall, was around eleven metres long and could have weighed as much as six tonnes. The tyrannosaurines were a group of large theropod dinosaurs who lived in eastern Asia and North America during the Cretaceous Period 99 million to 65 million years ago. So far the famous T. Rex is the most illustrious member of the family, although there have been debates as to whether T Rex was a mighty predator or a scavenger.

But although Zuchengtyrannus magnus might not have such a catchy name as T. Rex, just give him his own movies, and he might just become the new dinosaur to stalk our nightmares!

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