Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Giant Plant Eating Dinosaur Skull Found

Palaeontologists have found four skulls of a new herbivorous dinosaur in a quarry at the Dinosaur National Monument in the US state of Utah.  Complete dinosaur skulls are a rare find, and to find skulls of a previously unknown sauropod that has been named Abydosaurus is very exciting.

Abydosaurus roamed the earth around 105 million years ago and is thought to be a close relative of Brachiosaurus. Abydosaurus had light skulls because their heads were on the end of a very long neck and sauropod skulls are made of thin bones bound together with soft tissue.  This means that sauropod skulls usually fall apart very quickly after the death of the animal and disintegrate.  The discovery of the skulls also sheds new light on how these large dinosaurs ate their food.  They did not chew food, instead they just grabbed it and swallowed it.

Read on for the whole news article on the discovery of a new giant plant eating dinosaur

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