Monday, 15 February 2010

Is The Lost City of Atlantis in Southern Spain?

Archaeologists have started to search for the lost city of Atlantis in the region of Andalucia in Southern Spain.  They believe that in the heart of the Donana National Park a wealthy civilisation dating back 3,000 years called Tartessos could have built their capital city.  The Tartessians grew wealthy from trading silver and gold from the local mines and are a civilisation that has long been associated with the Atlantis myth.

Archaeologists had previously dismissed this site as a possible location for Atlantis as they had believed that in the relevant time frame this area was submerged.  New evidence has shown, however, that the water may have receded in time for the Tartessians to build a large city that was later destoyed by a tsunami. 

Aerial photographs of the pinpointed area show evidence of large circular and rectangular shapes under the soil that could not have been produced by nature.  However there is competition from other locations for the site of Atlantis, such as the Azores, some Mediterranean islands, Antarctica and Central America.

Read the full article to find out more on whether Andalucia in Southern Spain is the location of the lost city of Atlantis


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